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A professional training program for 


13 +

interested in pursuing a career in entertainment & performing arts.







Jan. 19 - Mar 8


IGNITE is for students aspiring to be in the Entertainment Industry & for professionals wanting to further their training!


 Students are offered professional level dance classes taught by Industry Dancers/Choreographers/Master Teachers (similar to classes offered in Los Angeles/New York at iconic studios like Millennium, Broadway Dance Center or Steps).


Through our personalized approach and class structure students gain the


they need to become a more versatile performer!

With our bi-weekly Professional Filming and multiple dance styles offered in :


Hip Hop






we truly encompass the every changing Entertainment Industry to well equip our students!


Throughout the year IGNITE offers workshops that include audition etiquette, dance intensives, social media training/marketing and talk backs with current industry professionals. Through these classes & workshops IGNITE students are equipped to be well-rounded performers and therefore more marketable in the entertainment industry.




Professional Level Dance Classes

Ages 13+

Ignite students will have access to advanced professional level dance classes. These will be fast paced technique and choreography based classes in multiple styles like jazz, ballet, contemporary, and hip hop. Within each style we will focus on different styles and techniques and overall performance quality. 


Video Experience

It is no surprise that we live in a virtual world and having professional quality video is paramount for any successful performer. Ignite student(s) will have the opportunity to dance in front of a professional camera on a regular basis. Whether in a class setting or filming for a music video, students will be motivated to pick up choreography quickly, precisely, and consistently. Ignite students will receive the training prior to shoot day(s) in addition to on set coaching. 

Workshops: Auditioning, Industry Talk Backs, Social Media Training/Marketing

- In our audition etiquette workshop students will learn how to properly prepare for different types of auditions. This course will cover suitable attire, headshots/resumes, what to prepare, researching the job, callbacks and much more. Mock auditions will be held periodically so the student(s) is properly prepared for the real deal! 

- Our Industry Professional Talk Backs will give students a intimate look inside the entertainment world. This course will help students better understand what all goes into being a working entertainer in today's performing arts' scene.

- In our social media training course students will learn how to responsibly navigate sites like Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook for marketing purposes of the student artist.



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