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virtual/live performance

music videos    
ig series   
Youtube short
                    live shows                      

From fully produced Music Videos to Live Shows

Kerosene has you covered for your visual needs.

Conceptual Design

Our creative expertise will offer MULTIPLE IDEAS that you can pick from. Let us dream up the perfect scenario/story that YOU want to tell.


We'll present visuals such as photos, videos, and color schemes to give you a sense of the theme for your project. You'll get to SEE THE THEME and FEEL THE VIBE of what we're envisioning for your project to make sure it matches what YOU WANT!

Concept/Flow Design

We will coordinate with your set list/scene order​ to ensure you have smooth transitions. Transitions can make or break a show. They keep your audience engaged. We will help to design a flow that is seamless and gives your audience the show you dreamed of! 


We'll handle any/all choreography and blocking you may need. Including finding dancers and rehearsal space for your project. Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, Partnering, etc. we can do it all!

Whether it's 1 dancer or 50 we have the expertise to give you the production of YOUR DREAMS!


You'll be in great hands as we coordinate the creative directing the day(s) of your shoot/show. We'll help you & your videographer/stage manager coordinate performance days and the schedule to best maximize you and your crew's time. We will work closely as a TEAM for YOU so


Email for your FREE consulation & price quote

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