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Building Remarkable Confident Performing Artists

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Ready to UNLOCK your potential to be the DYNAMIC & OUTSTANDING performer you envision?! In this virtual seminar hosted by KCP & IGNITE Founder, Allison Little, we dive into what truly makes a CONFIDENT and REMARKABLE performer. With over 7 hrs of extremely valuable expertise from 9 Industry Professionals, you will gain knowledge on: - Ways to build & sustain being a confident performer - What truly makes some "REMARKABLE" & sets them apart from others - Specific tools, training, and practices you can implement TODAY to have a more successful and fulfilling career - Auditions tips to NAIL your auditions! (In-person & Virtual) - What it truly means to be a professional performer INDUSTRY EXPERTS ALISON FRANCK . MELISSA CASSIDY . BARRY PEARL . LIZ RAMOS CHI LOPES . NI/CO BEKI BAKER . CHRISTINE TOOLE *** All "FREE GIFTS" offered during the interviews are not applicable to this course. Experts "free gifts" were only available during our live seminar 4/5/24 & 4/6/24

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